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Myths village! Tour of the land of descendants

Takachiho return trip 8hour course

Spiritual Tour
The northern end of Miyazaki Prefecture, Takachiho-cho, which is located in the mountain range that runs through Kyushu from north to south. We will guide the power spot of the town, which is the land of tenson kōrin of Ninigi in Japanese mythology.
※ minimum departs number of people 4 people


Starting 8:30 return 17:00 (scheduled)


Miyazaki Station East Exit or Seagaia
Cheonan Kawahara
Takachiho shrine
Takachiho Gorge (lunch separately)
Hyuga ( souvenir shop)
Higashi Kyushu Expressway
Miyazaki Station East Exit or Seagaia


  • adult and child identical charge
  • Seagaia or Miyazaki station departure and arrival Ride sharing system
    (A tour is held with more than 4 people.)
  • the on which I can't sometimes get by the status of booking
  • the after beginning to travel to 50% of the charge on the day as a cancellation charge, which is received 100 %


  • Takachiho Gorge

    Cliff faces 80~100m tall stretch along a 7km chasm along the Gokase river in the Mitai area. The cliffs were formed by the Gokase river eroding volcanic rock created by lava from Mount Aso. It is designated as a national natural monument and national scenic location as an area with countless national natural monuments and scenic locations.

  • Amanoyasugawara

    When Amaterasu becomes your hidden, it is a large cave that God of Yaorozu is to have consultation. There are at about a 10-minute walk from Amanoiwato-Jinja west Hongu.Alias is also known as the "Kyobogaiwaya." Now the stone is loaded by the people of the hands to pray or from the time of the time, has been mysterious and drifted a fantastic atmosphere.

  • Takachiho shrine

    The shrine was built around 1900 years ago in the era of emperor Suinin and it is the Sousha (main shrine) of all 88 highest ranking shrines in the Takachiho area. The current shrine was built in the 18th century. The main shrine building and a pair of iron guardian dog statues are designated as important national cultural property by the Japanese government. The main deities enshrined here are Takachihosumegami and Jisshyadaimyoujin and they are worshiped for agriculture, marriage and to ward off bad fortune.

  • Amano-iwato shrine

    This shrine was built to pass on one of the best known Japanese myths of Amano-iwato which appears in both the Chronicles of Japan and Record of Ancient Matters. The Amano-iwato cave which Amaterasu-Oomikami hid in, is enshrined here.

    The Amano-iwato enshrined here can be viewed from the Nishihon-miya. The Higashihon-miya was built across the Iwato river from the sacred cave and Amaterasu-Oomikami is the deity enshrined here.