Specific Commercial Transactions

Shop name Tabicon Miyazaki
A distributor Sanwa Transportation Co., Ltd. (Miyazaki Tourist Service)
Address 3-24chi, Tsurunoshima, Miyazaki-shi, Miyazaki, 880-0014, Japan
Phone number 0985-24-5796
FAX number 0985-24-3069
E-Mail address sanwa - gs ★ 30 - gr.co.jp (It is anti - spam measures ★ mark becomes @ mark.)
Business hours 09:00 〜 17:00
Products Original taxi tour product in Miyazaki prefecture、Original taxi tour product in Oita prefecture、Original taxi tour product in Kagoshima prefecture
Message Regarding tour reservation in general
・By tour, the minimum number of people is set.
・Depending on the reservation situation, it may not be possible to board the tour you wish.
・It is not possible to book a tour desired date until the day after the application date.
About tour fee
・All displayed prices are tax-included amounts.
・The price multiplied by the number of people accompanying tour to the unit price for one person will be the charge amount.
About confirmation of reservation
・At "Tabicon Miyazaki", reservation will not be confirmed at the time of reservation from the homepage.
Reservation will be confirmed with e-mail contact from "Tabicon Miyazaki".
About the time of cancellation of reservation and payment
・If you decide to cancel your reservation, we will charge the cancellation fee specified below.

Retroactively starting from the day before the tour desired date

Cancellation date
(Contract release date)
Cancellation charge
(1 person)
Up to 21 days agofree
From 20 days to
8 days in advance
20% of travel fee
From 7 days to
2 days in advance
30% of travel fee
The previous day40% of travel fee
That day50% of travel fee
That day(No contact)
After the tour starts
100% of travel fee