Tour Course

Miyazaki Area 4hour course

Spiritual Tour
Aoshima Shrine and Udo Shrine (or Sun Messe Nichinan) will guide you.

※ minimum departs number of people 3 people


Starting 8:30 return 12:30 (scheduled)
Starting 13:00 return 17:00 (scheduled)


[8:30 shot Miyazaki Station or Seagaia] ⇒ [9:10 Qingdao shrine] ⇒ [10:50 Udo Shrine or Sun Messe Nichinan] [12:30 Miyazaki Station or Seagaia]




  • Aoshima Shrine

    This island is the stage for the Myth of Umisachi-hiko and Yamasachi-hiko. Your wishes are said to come true after praying at the shrine and it is especially famous for bringing couples together.

  • Udo Shrine

    A very rare type of shrine painted in a lush red color, located inside a cave at the tip of Cape Udozaki, hanging over the Pacific Ocean. A popular activity at this shrine, is testing your luck with “Un-dama”. Men throw these clay balls with their left hand and women with their right hand after making a wish.

  • Sun Messe Nichinan

    It is a theme park located in Nichinan. One of the world's seven wonders Moai of Easter Island has been beautiful harmony with the beautiful sea of 7-body sequence Nichinan coast. By the way, this Moai has been only recognized only here reprinted in the world from Easter Island.