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Mythology Tour in Saito city

Mythology Tour
Miyazaki has been referred to as the "myths and legends of the home." The oldest history book place that became the stage of the myth that has been introduced in the "Kojiki" Japan there are many. Also, it makes me reminiscent of ancient Roman.
I visited the historic sites of the myths and legends, why not regained the mind at the time of Japan that have forgotten the modern people to explore the roots of the Japanese by wins the thought in ancient times?
Our professional staff will guide the people wholeheartedly into the world of ancient Roman.

※ minimum departs number of people 2 people


Starting 8:30 return 12:30 (scheduled)
Starting 13:30 return 17:30 (scheduled)





  • Tsuma shrine

    This shrine is dedicated to Konohanasakuyahime is the wife of Tensonniniginoson. iThis shrine is called Tsuno shrine.It is a deity Konohanasakuyahime is the princess of Ooyamazumi.The marriage of the Niniginoson is birdlime the matchmaking is God of Kotokatsukunikatsunagasa, was cited Japan's first formal bright light of the ceremony. Therefore there in the thick of Omiya reverence want Ayakari the joy of this marriage from ancient times.Saito On'nasema Hotsuka on the front of the original tomb reference land has reportedly tomb of deity Konohanasakuyahime of this shrine.

  • Archaeological museum

    Field Museum by taking advantage of Saitobaru kofungun. The building has been the image of the ancient tombs of the tombstones and stone chamber. Permanent exhibition is not placed, expand the normal new exhibition to tell the study of archeology in progress to direct, also like to be able to touch the exhibits in fact, visitors are very enjoyable facility.

  • Ishinuki shrine、 Ishinuki stairs

    Ishinuki shrine is dedicated to the mountain god Oyama piled Kami father of Konohana Sakuya Hime. Demon and ōyamatsumi promised, "If brought into complete the Iwaya do daughter to daughter-in-law in one night" is one from the demon was completed Iwaya withdrawn and have been told that where the stone threw fell. is to approach the entrance is a stone that is those of that time has been laid.

    Ishinuki per that was approaching in the middle of the slope toward the Saitobaru ancient tomb from the shrine, long stairs on the left-hand side of the steep slope (about 170 steps) is known as "Ishinuki stairs". And this ranks, spreads a vast burial mounds of west Miyakobaru. Yakult Swallows had been training with the stairs during the camp.

  • Cave of the demon,Osaboduka,Msahoduka

    Ghouls wish and the daughter-in-law the Konohana Sakuya Hime of demon, is said to make a grotto in overnight from father Lynx piled Kami of Hime, have been reportedly was completed. There is a big gap from the entrance of the ancient tomb on the ceiling of the road leading to the burial chamber, is also said to be traces of lynx piled God has pulled out one piece of stone.

    Man SemaMinorutsuka is Ninigi Mikoto of the tomb, On'nasema Hotsuka as the tomb of Konohana Sakuya Hime, has been designated as your mausoleum reference land to the Imperial Household Agency Meiji 28 years. Man SemaMinorutsuka is the nation's largest scale of the full-length 155m scallops also referred to as a form tumulus, On'nasema Hotsuka boasts Kyushu largest in the keyhole of a full-length 176m.

  • Mutoshitsu

    Konohana Sakuya Hime we are told that traces of Ubuya who built for childbirth.
    Konohana Sakuya Hime suspected from Ninigi Mikoto that was pregnant with a child in just one night, in order to prove the innocence of the body, went into no door Ubuya.
    It is said that gave birth to three of the prince among the burning Ubuya.

  • Tumulus of large Yamazumi life

    In keyhole located at the place where climbed Ishinuki stairs leading to the Saitobaru plateau from Ishinuki shrine, it has been said to be the tomb of the god of the mountain large Yamazumi life (Lynx piled Kami). Saito less the ancient tombs that are named in the original tombs, in Oyama sin Roh God worship of Ishinuki shrine of autumn annual festival, ritual is done to take in front of the tomb.