Tour Course

Miyazaki course of mythology half day

Mythology Tour
Miyazaki is said to "myths and legends of the home", there are a number of places that became the stage of the myth that has been introduced to Japan's oldest history book "Kojiki", makes me reminiscent of ancient Roman.
I visited the historic sites of the myths and legends, why not regained the mind at the time of Japan that have forgotten the modern people to explore the roots of the Japanese by wins the thought in ancient times?
Our professional staff will guide the people wholeheartedly into the world of ancient Roman.
※ minimum departs number of people 3 people


Starting 8:30 return 12:30 (scheduled)
Starting 13:30 return 17:30 (scheduled)



  • adult and child identical charge
  • Seagaia or Miyazaki station departure and arrival Ride sharing system
    (A tour is held with more than 3 people.)
  • the on which I can't sometimes get by the status of booking
  • the after beginning to travel to 50% of the charge on the day as a cancellation charge, which is received 100 %


  • Misogi lake

    Misogi lake is located a 5 min walk north of Eda Shrine. This lake appears in the mythology of Japan as the lake where Izanagi-no-mikoto, the deity who birthed the islands of Japan washed away his impurities after entering the Yomi-no-kuni (the Underworld) chasing after his wife Izanami-no-mikoto who had passed away.

  • Eda Shrine

    The two deities Izanami-no-mikoto and Izanagi-no-mikoto are enshrined here. It has become known as a healing spot in recent years and many people visit to pay their respects. This location is mentioned at the beginning of “Norito” which is chanted at shrines all across the country.

  • Miyazaki Jingu Shrine

    This shrine is dedicated to Emperor Jimmu with his father Ugayafukiaezu-no-mikoto enshrined to the left and his mother Tamayori-hime enshrined to the right.

  • Heiwadai Park

    Heiwadai park, which sits at 60m above sea level is a beautiful park where you can enjoy nature and flowers of the season. The Tower of Peace (37m tall) which was built to commemorate the loyal family’s 2600 years of reign, can be found here. Construction on this tower was started in 1939 and concluded on the 15th of November 1940. You can look out across Miyazaki city from the tower.

  • Haniwa Park

    The park grounds cover 9000 square meters and is located in the forest north of the Tower of Peace. On a mound shaped like an ancient burial mound, replicas of pottery works and Haniwa (clay images) are on display, giving the area an ancient atmosphere.

    This location was used as the starting point for the 2nd course of the Olympic flame relay for the Tokyo Olympics held in 1964 and the platform which bore the Olympic flame can still be seen.