Tour Course

Aoshima/Nichinan Coast half day

Mythology Tour
Miyazaki is said to "myths and legends of the home", there are a number of places that became the stage of the myth that has been introduced to Japan's oldest history book "Kojiki", makes me reminiscent of ancient Roman.
I visited the historic sites of the myths and legends, why not regained the mind at the time of Japan that have forgotten the modern people to explore the roots of the Japanese by wins the thought in ancient times?
Our professional staff will guide the people wholeheartedly into the world of ancient Roman.
※ minimum departs number of people 3 people


Starting 8:30 return 12:30 (scheduled)
Starting 13:30 return 17:30 (scheduled)


Sightseeing① Aoshima
Sightseeing② Aoshima Shrine
Sightseeing③ Horikiri pass
Sightseeing④ Udo Jingu Shrine


  • adult and child identical charge
  • Seagaia or Miyazaki station departure and arrival Ride sharing system
    (A tour is held with more than 3 people.)
  • the on which I can't sometimes get by the status of booking
  • the after beginning to travel to 50% of the charge on the day as a cancellation charge, which is received 100 %


  • Aoshima

    Aoshima is connected to Aoshima beach by a bridge. Although the beach is sandy, Aoshima island is surrounded by jagged rocks known as “the devil's washboard”. It is a small island with a circumference of 1.5 km. The island is covered with subtropical plants which gives the feeling of entering a different world.

  • Aoshima Shrine

    This island is the stage for the Myth of Umisachi-hiko and Yamasachi-hiko. Your wishes are said to come true after praying at the shrine and it is especially famous for bringing couples together.

  • Horikiri pass

    A scenic location along the road which stretches out along the Nichinan coastline. A view which is sure to make you feel fresh, looking down along the devil’s washboard and out to the vast Pacific Ocean.

  • Udo Jingu Shrine

    A very rare type of shrine painted in a lush red color, located inside a cave at the tip of Cape Udozaki, hanging over the Pacific Ocean. A popular activity at this shrine, is testing your luck with “Un-dama”. Men throw these clay balls with their left hand and women with their right hand after making a wish.